Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Game of Life Rules of the Week

Mormon Rules: Everyone must be a man.

Before the game starts, all players must go out and harass all of their neighbors for an hour. It's a game, so you can do anything, just so long as it annoys them and causes them to pretend like they're not home.

When a player lands on the "Get Married" square, they must marry at least 2 wives. The marrying player receives $100,000 in gifts for every wife he marries.

If a player lands on a "Have a Child" square, the player will have that number of children with each of their wives.

If the game runs out of pegs for children, start using Jujubes.

If a player spins a 10, they suffer religious prejudice and are thrown in jail for three turns. It's helpful to have a Monopoly board for this.

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