Monday, July 12, 2010

Sexist Vintage Ads

Vintage Ads is running a contest to vote on the the most sexist ad EVER...!.,...

They've narrowed it down to five contestants, with five perhaps being the most blatant. It's an anti-suffrage ad, and while the others were entertaining, that one just depressed me.

I posted my favorite above. Look at it! It doesn't make any sense! The actual advertisement is a total non sequiter from the sexism at the start. Did the ad meeting actually go,

"Ya know, Steve. This ad is missing something."
"I Agree, Tom!"
"That's it! We need something sexist in it! It just seems incomplete without it. No need to work at it. Just bolt it on."
"At the start or the end?"
"At the beginning. If we put it at the end, we might be forced to do real work."

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