Friday, February 19, 2010

Game of Life Rules of the Week

Mexican Rules: Everyone starts the game running across the border with eight people in their car.

No players can get careers or get salary cards. Every pay day, they must spin to determine how much money they made doing odd jobs. Spin x 5,000.

When the player lands on the "Buy a House" square, they randomly pick a house to determine for which one they will be doing landscaping work. The player receives 1% of the value of the house on every pay day.

One player must play an INS agent. If player lands on same spot as another player, the other player gets deported, they can lose two turns running back across the border, or lose no turns by paying $15,000 to a coyote to get back into the country.

If a player spins a 10, they get pulled over for speeding. They can bribe the cop for $10,000 and be set free. If they don't bribe him they must spin again do determine if they get caught. Odds they get caught, evens they're set free. If caught, they're sent back to Mexico and can again lose two turns or pay a coyote.

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